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Grafters’ Quarterly is an Oslo-based English-language newspaper shaping a forum for engaged attitudes, founded to address the belief in theorising as an activity of initial discovery rather than one implying a specific methodology. Concerned by this attitude, we want to form a space in which participants from differing fields can push their writing and ideas rigorously without stylistic restrictions. Offered in the spirit of newspapers acting as congregators of social conscience, Grafters' Quarterly attempts to gather different modes of address, encouraging an agile consideration, and potential correspondence, of such diverse temporalities and forms of language. The name of the newspaper alludes to this: ‘grafting’ denoting writing, the merging of one plant in another to facilitate continued growth, as well as a more colloquial expression for ‘work’.

Founded and edited by Tora Endestad Bjørkheim and Johnny Herbert.

Kindly supported by:

Bergen Kommune

Norsk Kulturfond